Advanced Technology

Laser Dentistry

This new, state-of-the-art SIROBlue Laser technology is revolutionizing the way Dr. De Paoli is able to care for you and all of your dental needs!


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Laser dentistry is revolutionizing the world of deep teeth cleaning, healing Canker Sores, and much more!

Because this treatment is so important for our patients, we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to explaining the ins and outs of the treatment - please click here to read more about what Laser Dentistry can do for your smile.

iTero Digital Impressions Scanning

At Advanced Smiles, we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology, so it is no surprise to our patients that we use the iTero Digital Impressions Scanner. Forget those outdated, gooey impression trays and say hello to this amazing digital scanner.

Why you should make sure your dental work is made from DIGITAL impressions:

  • Digital impressions are painless and safe.
  • No messy, dripping goop. No gagging.
  • Accurate measurements by the iTero scanner ensures better fitting crowns and other dental prosthetics.
  • Crowns, partials, guards, etc., last longer due to custom design.
  • Prosthetics and appliances fabricated from digital impressions are more comfortable than those made from conventional impressions.
  • Prosthetics and appliances fabricated from digital impressions look more natural.
  • More predictable orthodontic results with digital impressions.
Itero 2

Ultrasonic Cleaning

At Advanced Smiles, we're proud to say that we are the first practice in Frisco to have the Cavitron Touch Ultrasonic Cleaning technology. Because this method offers the highest quality cleaning with significantly less sensitivity than traditional methods, the Cavitron Touch is the height of patient care when it comes to teeth cleaning.

3D CT Scanner

Our state-of-the-art 3D-CT Scanner ensures that patients get the best X-ray experience possible. Patients are exposed to 95% less radiation than a traditional CT scanner. In addition, this scan is around 14 seconds long instead of the traditional CT scan that can take several minutes. This scanner allows us to visualize the anatomic structures of each individual patient's teeth that can't be seen externally.

Digital X-Rays

One of the most incredible advancements in recent dental technology is digital dental x-rays. This new digital process is safer for patients, dentists, and staff. Here at Advanced Smiles, we are proud to say we use this advanced technology in order to help our staff effectively diagnose and treat your dental issues.

Digital Dental X-Ray Advantages

The first and most important advantage is that digital x-rays are safer for our patients. With digital x-rays, you are exposed to 90% less radiation over traditional x-rays, and digital x-rays do not require us to use or store dangerous developers and chemicals.

Taking a digital x-ray is a very quick process, and the results can be viewed almost immediately by your dentist. The image provided with digital dental x-rays is far more defined and clear. This allows our dentists to quickly and accurately identify dental issues that may exist while they are still in their most minor stages. This means that you’ll have fewer extensive (not to mention expensive) dental treatments. The digital technology also allows our dentist to share the images with you, increasing dentist-patient communication.

How are intra-oral photos taken?

Intra-oral photos will be taken by your dentist or one of our highly trained staff. A miniature camera will be placed inside your mouth and will instantly record the pictures of your gums and teeth. This allows the dentist to see every angle of your mouth. We can discuss any potential areas requiring treatment, allowing you to be much more involved in your treatment plan.

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