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Instead of being held in place by your remaining teeth, like standard dental bridges, implant-retained bridges are supported by crowns installed in your existing teeth and to the implants in your jawbone. Your new implants are made of titanium and are surgically incorporated into your jaw to help support the new teeth. Crowns are then attached to your adjacent teeth to assist in securing the implant. This type of bridge would be an effective option for the replacement of several missing teeth, but it can also be utilized to avoid putting too much pressure on the implant. This procedure conducted by Dr. Ernest De Paoli utilizes advanced technology to create a durable and improved smile. At Advanced Smiles in Frisco, TX, we only utilize high-quality materials to give you a beautiful and natural-looking smile. Implant-retained bridges are a more affordable remedy to restore lost teeth and help you get back the appearance and function of your previous teeth.

The installation of implant bridges is a multiple-step procedure. The first is the surgical placement of the implant into your jaw. Afterward, the tissues will require a number of months to recover while also allowing the implant the chance to integrate. Before continuing, Dr. De Paoli will confirm the successful integration of the implant with digital x-rays. If they show that integration has gone according to plan, then it's on to the next stage of the procedure. Your custom bridge will be connected to your implant, and the necessary crowns will be placed on your adjacent teeth. Dr. De Paoli will adjust your bridge if necessary for proper fit and comfort.

Very friendly staff. Very clean office. Super care.

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Fabulous dental health report again after a prayer time with my husband! Dr. DePaoli has been my dentist since 2002. Avan is an excellent, kind, patient hygienist & she explained & demonstrated flossing process also. Very satisfied so see you next Sep! Thank you. Have a very blessed day!!!! RRP

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Great experience!!!!! Would refer to everyone!!! Getting bridge work done !!! Love Dr Depali. Omg!!! Just went today to do temp bridge !! It was the most outstanding experience iv had seeing a dentist , and left with beautiful teeth, thanks to Mona for bridge!! And thank you Dr depalio for making sure I had no pain and was very comfortable, would refer them to everyone!!!!

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I love all the staff, hygienist and Dr. DePaoli.

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Ever since you walk in, you can tell they really want the best for you. I always feel welcomed & feel satisfied with the treatments that I get. 10/10 would recommend

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Implant bridges are an effective, durable option for the replacement of missing teeth. Utilizing innovative, contemporary technology, Dr. De Paoli offers implant-retained bridges to restore our patients' smiles. To find out if implant bridges would be the ideal option for you, contact Advanced Smiles to schedule your appointment.

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