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Seeking professional care for badly compromised teeth is important to the total condition and quality of your mouth. To allow Frisco, TX men and women to effectively resolve extracted or missing teeth, Dr. Ernest De Paoli is extremely excited to offer high-quality dental implants to achieve tooth restoration. A fixed implant comprises a sturdy post that serves as a manmade tooth root, and a custom dental crown, bridge, or denture replaces the visible part of the lost tooth (or many teeth). If you have missing teeth or need a tooth extraction, set up an appointment at Advanced Smiles and discover your dental implant alternatives.

Oral implants are commonly favored by Advanced Smiles patients due to the significant number of advantages they offer. As tooth replacements, implants:

  • Could improve your self-assurance by speaking better and improving your smile
  • Offer increased biting strength and durability of tooth substitutes
  • Combine with the bone to help maintain jawbone wellness and strength
  • Never rely on surrounding teeth to stay in position
  • Act as natural teeth in function and visual appeal
  • Serve as a long-term tooth replacement solution
  • Allow for the consumption of a diverse diet

Implant-supported restorations can replace any number of damaged or missing teeth, from a single tooth to an entire arch. You might be an appropriate candidate for dental implants if you have experienced tooth loss, need removals, or are unhappy with your existing replacement. To be effective, implants require adequate jawbone mass, healthy gums, and a good dental environment. Some patients may need additional services before they can recieve dental implants. They might not be appropriate when you are pregnant, use tobacco products, or have certain medical issues. During your consultation, Dr. Ernest De Paoli can help you find out if implant-supported restorations are right for you and your oral health needs.

The treatment for dental implants involves the precise positioning of the post and the securing of a lifelike oral replacement, such as partial pieces, crowns, or bridges. Once the area is prepared for the procedure, it is dulled with local anesthesia. Oral-conscious or IV techniques could additionally be used to enable you to feel more at ease during your procedure. The titanium post will be surgically placed within your bone at a particular location and granted a period of time to fuse with the bone via a phenomenon known as osseointegration. When the surgical site has completely healed (often 6 – 9 months afterward), Dr. De Paoli will attach a custom implant denture, crown, or full-arch restoration and assess the alignment of the biting surfaces.

As a dental industry veteran, I was working at Advanced Smiles for a week when I began to ask some of the staff, "Is Dr. De Paoli ALWAYS so happy to be at work and treating patients??". "YES! ALWAYS.", was the consensus. A rare find this place is. Dr. De Paoli LITERALLY bounces from room to room greeting patients by name and spending ample time with them answering questions and attending to them with the utmost respect and care. He is also usually the first to arrive to the office and the last to leave, walking the employees out. There are plenty of positive patient reviews about Advanced Smiles and Dr. De Paoli so I figured an insider's point of view wouldn't hurt. I know what the majority of dental patients are looking for in a dental office: accommodating hours, friendly staff, trustworthy dentist and fair fees. We must be all that and more because with the hundreds of dental offices in the metroplex, many patients commute to Advanced Smiles for their routine visits. Patients feel important at Advanced Smiles, and they should, because lots of thought goes into making the clients comfortable and happy. Complimentary Nitrous Oxide, no waiting, payment options and patient appreciation gifts at every visit that rival celebrity party grab bags are just a few of the perks I've heard patients gushing over. Additional perks that, as a dental office employee, I know to look for are: dental restorations that last, accurate treatment estimates and knowledgeable, experienced staff that care about each and every one of their patients. With complimentary initial exam and digital images, insured and self-pay patients alike are welcome and encouraged to experience the healthcare at Advanced Smiles.

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There are several methods to overcome the loss of teeth with the realistic look and capabilities of fixed implants. Dr. De Paoli is happy to perform implant denture, bridge, and crown options as efficient tooth replacements for patients in Frisco, TX and the surrounding communities. To learn about your options for replacing severely compromised or missing teeth, set up your appointment with Dr. De Paoli at Advanced Smiles.

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