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A patient's final four molars, which generally emerge during the later adolescent years, are called wisdom teeth. Positioned in the back regions of both arches, wisdom teeth, which are additionally known as third molars, frequently don't have the necessary room to efficiently emerge, are troublesome to keep healthy, and could require extraction to maintain overall oral wellness. Wisdom teeth could be impacted (trapped in the gum tissues or bone), poorly aligned, or unable to form properly, causing a number of dental conditions. Dr. Ernest De Paoli offers wisdom tooth removal for Frisco, TX individuals to increase oral health and defend against misalignment and decay. When you or someone in your family have problematic or impacted wisdom teeth, schedule an exam at Advanced Smiles to hear about your treatment options.

Advanced Smiles conducts third molar removals while the patient is under mild anesthesia. However, this procedure could also be paired with sedation dentistry services to enhance relaxation. The majority of cases of wisdom teeth extractions need an excision method, most notably when the teeth are impacted, have arched roots, or are tightly anchored to the jawbone tissue. After Dr. De Paoli creates an opening in the gums to reach the impacted tooth, he could split it into segments, which allows for more efficient removal. Depending on your personal situation, your wisdom teeth may be removed in one visit. Stitches could be added to defend the removal sites and aid in the healing process. Our highly experienced staff will offer you at-home care rules to adhere to over the next few days.

I love this team! I've had so many issues in the past that I'm terrified of the dentist in general (I can't even take my 10 year old). Dr. De Paoli's team have always done their best to make me comfortable. Well, they surpassed any expectations I had yesterday. I had to have a wisdom tooth out, it just wasn't going to wait for the Covid-19 to be over. In the past I would have gone to an oral surgeon for IV sedation but we just didn't have that luxury this time. He and Karen took their time, made sure everything was numb and boom! it was out, no pain at all! I know I'll still be nervous about going, that just doesn't go away overnight, but my confidence has increased 10 fold! In one visit he has given me the confidence that I can do any work without IV sedation. Thank you!!!!!!

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Dr. De Paoli is excited to offer wisdom teeth extractions to safeguard your future oral health. This advanced oral treatment is often performed for Frisco, TX patients and may be necessary in the case that natural tooth emergence is not probable or if different issues exist. For more details about wisdom tooth removal, contact us for a visit at Advanced Smiles as soon as you can.

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