SIROLaser Blue Laser

Advanced Smiles uses the SIROLaser Blue diode laser for its laser procedures, which is the first FDA-cleared Blue Laser for dental use!


Blue laser light has a much higher absorption in soft tissue (i.e. hemoglobin and melanin) than conventional infrared diode laser wavelengths (810 nm, 940 nm, 970 nm). This leads to an improved soft-tissue cutting efficiency which allows non-contact cutting, a first in dentistry for diode lasers.

The light visible to humans comprises the seven colors of the rainbow. Starting with short wavelength violet light, the spectrum ends in the long-wave red color range. In dentistry, blue laser light provides the greatest precision for surgery – as demonstrated by the new SIROLaser Blue.

The cutting and disinfecting power of a laser depends on the amount of energy that is absorbed by the tissue. The new SIROLaser Blue emits a blue light at a wavelength of 445 nanometers (nm). The blue laser beam achieves around 100 times better absorption than infrared light. This enables very fast, precise, painless cutting.

Conventional infrared diode lasers (810, 940, and 970 nm) have to move the optical fiber slowly over the tissue several times, but the SIROLaser Blue enables immediate coupling with the tissue and considerably faster and cleaner cutting – without even touching the tissue!

The SIROLaser Blue allows our office to treat patients with very little discomfort, reducing the need for local anesthetics, or even dispensing with them entirely.

When used in surgeries, postoperative stitches are usually not needed. It also helps reduce wound pain and scar formation. Postoperative bleeding and swelling are also decreased and even avoided.

Since the SIROLaser Blue can be operated at two additional wavelengths, it can also be used with infrared laser light at a wavelength of 970 nm, not only for traditional indications in germ reduction (endodontics, periodontics), but also for the treatment of canker sores.

The SIROLaser Blue is also equipped with a visible red diode with a wavelength of 660 nm, which can be used in the treatment of jaw pain.

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