Can Dental Crowns Restore Damaged or Missing Teeth?

By: Dr. Ernest De Paoli


There are many reasons why a dental crown may be recommended to repair or replace one of your teeth. Not only can dental crowns give you a brighter, more beautiful smile, but they can also help to enhance or restore the function of your teeth — making it easier and more comfortable to bite, chew, eat, and talk. To help patients feel more confident about their teeth once again, Frisco, TX dentist Dr. Ernest De Paoli offers a comprehensive suite of restorative dental services, including dental crown placement. Scroll down to discover the benefits of dental crowns for repairing, restoring, or replacing your damaged or missing teeth.

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are custom-made restorations that are designed either to fit over a tooth or to replace a missing tooth via attachment to a dental implant. Dental crowns are extremely durable and are customized to match the shape, length, and shade of the surrounding teeth for a seamless smile. In cases where several teeth in a row — or even a full arch of teeth — are being replaced by dental crowns, patients can choose to enhance those features and get the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

When are dental crowns necessary?

Dental crowns can be an appropriate option in many situations when a tooth is damaged or weakened, such as:

  • Tooth with a large filling
  • Tooth with a failing filling
  • Cracked tooth
  • Damaged/weakened tooth
  • Dull tooth
  • Tooth does not match surrounding teeth
  • Tooth that has had root canal therapy

In these cases, a dental crown can be placed to cover the visible surfaces of the tooth to strengthen and protect the tooth while correcting any cosmetic concerns the patient may have.

When a patient has a missing tooth, whether due to trauma or another factor, a dental crown may be affixed to a dental implant to restore their smile. Dental implants are titanium posts, or screws, that are implanted into the jawbone through a small incision in the gumline. The screws fuse with the bone over time, providing a structurally sound support to which a crown, bridge, or another restoration can be attached.

How long do dental crowns last?

With proper care and healthy habits, many patients enjoy their dental crowns for 10 – 20 years or longer. If a crown cracks, falls off, or becomes otherwise compromised, Dr. De Paoli can place a temporary crown over your tooth (or onto your dental implant) while a replacement crown is created. Some helpful tips to preserve your dental crowns for as long as possible include:

  • Brush and floss twice per day
  • Rinse with recommended mouthwash
  • Wear a nightguard
  • Wear a protective mouthguard while playing sports
  • Avoid crunchy, hard, sticky, and staining foods and beverages
  • Do not bite your nails
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not use your teeth to open packages, etc.
  • Attend your regular dental exams and biannual cleanings

Dazzle them with your smile once again with custom dental crowns in Frisco, TX

Whether you’ve suffered trauma resulting in the loss of a tooth, have failing or damaged teeth, or simply want to enhance the strength and shade of your smile, you may be interested in learning more about your options for dental crowns — and we can help. Call Advanced Smiles in Frisco, TX to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ernest De Paoli and take the first step in your smile transformation with dental crowns.

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